• The card saves time
  • It saves money
  • It brings new customers
  • The payment is fast and simple

Gusto Karta keeps all advantages of fringe benefit vouchers, only brings it to 21st century. Simply and economicaly.

We all know payment cards. It is time to replace paper meal vouchers with a meal voucher card.
  • The card saves time

    Gusto Karta, your electronic meal-voucher and fringe benefit card, saves time. You won’t have to count your paper meal vouchers / coupons, you won’t have to queue for reimbursement and you won’t have to pay the fees for physical transactions. You will be able to track your cashflow comfortably in your account. Using Gusto Karta, you will save time and work.

  • It saves money

    Gusto Karta saves money, too. We do not charge any transaction fees, so you do not have to worry about using your terminal. You will never pay more than we agree on, there are no additional fees. That is what makes Gusto Karta different, that is how it saves your money.

  • It brings new customers

    We sign contracts with new restaurants and shops if we know there are people using our card in their vicinity. Thus, we know new customers will find your place for sure. Agreeing on cooperation with us incurs no expenses. We get nothing until we bring somebody who uses our card to pay in your place. That makes us work all the harder.

  • Quick and easy payment

    People wish to pay by card more and more often. Gusto Karta is a way to make better use of the terminal and thus generate new revenues. A way to make more money. The payment is quick, as using the contactless card does not require entering the PIN. Apart from the terminal, you can use Andriod smartphone

I wish to start accepting Gusto Karta right now
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Payment terminal (POS)

Use your POS to accept Gusto payments

With Switchio.MobilePOS

Use your Android mobile with NFC chip to accept Gusto payments. Read more

Thru a payment gateway

Use our payment gateway to accept Gusto payments, even those made in advance

Frequently asked questions
Give us your contact details; we will check if there is a prospective client in your vicinity and we will let you know. However, arranging a cooperation with us is always free of charge. We will not get paid a single crown until your customers begin to use their Gusto Karta cards for payments in your business.
You can, we will be happy to arrange the terminal for you. You will then be able to use the terminal not only for Gusto Karta, but for other bank payments, too. We will take your contact details and you will be contacted by our colleague who is in charge of the terminal network.