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Gusto Karta will bring you new customers and save a lot of paperwork. To be able to accept the Gusto Karta electronic meal voucher, please provide us with some information about your company. We also need to conclude a contract on this website.

How to proceed? See the 5 simple steps carried out in 5 minutes.


Enter your company registration number. We will prepare the heading of the contract for you to approve.


We will ask you to provide some information about your place(-s) of business, so that we can promote your company (address, website, e-mail, reservation phone number, etc.).


Together, we will agree on the reimbursement frequency and on the account to which we will reimburse


Together, we will recapitulate all the information and confirm the agreement


The contract will be ready to download. Contract documents are already available, read them here: Download PDF

In the meantime, we will set up an account for you which you will use to log in to the portal, to check your invoices, to see whether we have already paid etc. This step will also enable us to verify the provided contact e-mail address. We will prepare the terminal for activation and we will let you know when you can start accepting our card.

Establishing cooperation with us is that easy.

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