Gusto Karta is only a key. The key to fringe benefit accounts. These accounts may hold meal allowance or travel allowance. All this accessible via one card, simply and reliably.

  • Electronic meal vouchers
  • ElectronicTravel Allowance vouchers

Gusto Karta keeps all advantages of fringe benefit voucher, only brings it to 21st century. Simply and economicaly.

We all know payment cards. It is time to replace paper vouchers with a fringe benefit card.
  • The card saves time

    Gusto Karta, this complex fringe benefit solution saves time and lowers administrative burden. No more queueing and waiting for vouchers. Ordering takes only a few clicks with your mouse, ordered amounts are credited within minutes.

  • Tailor-made merchant network

    Merchant network where Gusto Karta is accepted is nation-wide. Major retailers and love brands co-operate with us. Nevertheless, most important part of acceptation network lies within minutes of walk from your employees. Restaurants, fitness parlors or pharmaciers are therefore contracted according to your wishes and needs.

  • Happy employees

    Gusto Karta knows how to make sure that your employees are happy, fed and relaxed. That already means something. After all, that is why these days, meal vouchers and leisure-time and healthcare benefits are offered by most employers. Moreover, paying with Gusto Karta is not an embarrassing matter, as is sometimes the case with paper vouchers…

  • Tax advantage

    Just as any other meal voucher, Gusto Karta is tax-advantageous both for the employees and for the company.

Having a good lunch is not only a good start but also an obligation. Gusto Karta keeps all advantages of meal vouchers, only brings it to 21st century. Simply, economically and tax-advantaged.
From January 2019, every employee (for more details click this link – in Slovak) can ask his or her employer to provide an allowance for traveling within Slovakia. The employer contribution amounts up to € 275 per person and year.
Order electronic travel voucher from Gusto Karta and solve this new obligation without unnecessary hassle.
5 most frequently asked questions
Gusto Karta is simple, therefore it is simple to manage…

Gusto Karta will enable you to:
  • eliminate the queues of people waiting for paper meal vouchers,
  • order the cards in the least demanding way possible,
  • quicken up the whole process,
  • teliminate the need to lock up the paper meal vouchers in a safe and the fear of them being stolen.
This is the main advantage of our Gusto Karta: For each client, we are trying hard to create a network of partner places (restaurants and shops) of their liking. We do not want you to be disappointed and we care about our partners, too. It is our wish that Gusto Karta bring them new customers. If there is a restaurant or shop you would like to see in our network, please let us know. We will do our best to include it.
Making the order is as simple as in any e-shop: it only takes a few clicks to order the cards and meal credit.
The system itself keeps track of whether or not you have ordered the card for your employees and it will make the order accordingly.
Once your employee details are entered in the system, they are saved for future orders. The whole ordering process is thus even simpler.
Should you need help, do not hesitate and contact us, we are here for you.
Of course! Gusto Karta is still a meal voucher, therefore it offers all the advantages of any other meal voucher. However, in comparison with paper meal vouchers, you will reduce your paperwork and get a good price. Moreover, there will be no need to pay for the delivery of the meal vouchers or to queue for them. Buying the meal vouchers is a question of a few comfortable clicks from your office or home. The Gusto Karta electronic meal voucher is a modern meal voucher with which, unlike with paper meal vouchers, nobody is ashamed to pay and which maintains all the advantages of a classic paper meal voucher.
We live in a time when plenty of new services see the light of day and we like to use those services. It is great to have dozens of years of history, but being flexible, modern and dynamic suits today's needs much better. As far as solvency is concerned, we are proud to announce that we are supported by Arca Capital, a strong Czech-Slovak investment group.